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Points of interest in the Bohemian Forest
Get to know the Bohemian Forest in depth

Points of interest

Bohemian Forest

For the most part, the Bohemian Forest belongs to a mildly warm climate, at an altitude of 700 to 800 m it is a cold climate. Overall, this area is characterized by a short, slightly cool and wet summer, a mild spring and autumn, but a long winter with long-term snow cover.


in time

The raw nature of the Bohemian Forest mountains will fascinate you with its virgin nature and envelop you not only in mysterious memories of the vanished villages in the borderland, but also remind you of the time of the medieval Golden Path. Take a look at the timeline of historically significant events in the Bohemian Forest.


Famous people
of the Bohemian Forest

Over the centuries, the area of the Bohemian Forest and its immediate surroundings has been replaced by a number of noble families. In our selection, we list only those whose name left the biggest mark in the area of the Bohemian Forest.


Castles, chateaux
and monuments

It would be a shame to lose some of the sights in the Bohemian Forest. As for castles, chateaux or church monuments, you will definitely not get lost in the Bohemian Forest. You have a lot to choose from. We can't forget the war monuments from the Second World War, a number of which are located here.


Natural phenomena
of the Bohemian Forest

Forests as far as the eye can see, hills stretching to the horizon and the ever- present tranquility – these are the main currencies of this area. The Bohemian Forest is rich in fauna and flora. Come and see the most interesting natural phenomena of the Bohemian Forest with us.


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