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PLA Bohemian Forest

For the most part, the Bohemian Forest belongs to a mildly warm climate, at an altitude of 700 to 800 m it is a cold climate. Overall, this area is characterized by a short, slightly cool and wet summer, a mild spring and autumn, but a long winter with long-term snow cover.

The Bohemian Forest protected area covers an area of 473 km², 80% of which is covered by forest. It extends in a part of the border range of the Bohemian Forest, stretching from Folmava in the south to Broumov in the north. The predominantly wooded landscape of the Bohemian Forest is complemented by a colorful mosaic of pastures, meadows and overgrown meadows. Extensive beech forests in the vicinity of the highest peak of the Bohemian Forest Čerchov (1042 m a.s.l.) gradually pass towards the north into forests with a higher representation of spruce.

The northern part of the Bohemian Forest is characterized by upland bogs with pine mud and unique bog flora. Preserved meadow communities are made up mainly of waterlogged to peaty meadows with the occurrence of protected and rare plant species and extensive floodplains.

The landscape of the Bohemian Forest is strongly marked by the historical development of the second half of the 20th century, when the original population was forcibly removed, and a significant part of the border zone was closed to the public. Dozens of defunct villages, over the ruins of which nature is once again taking over, complete the unique atmosphere of the Bohemian Forest.

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