FKCG Services s.r.o.
Univerzitní 1209/65,
301 00 Plzeň

IČO: 06871151
DIC: CZ699005527
We're coming back
where we put down roots


We are not in the Bohemian Forest by chance

The spirit of history breathes on you from every corner of this diverse nature. And That's exactly what happened to us when we returned "home". We come from this area ourselves. After years of building, doing business, traveling and living in all corners of the world, we decided to leave something behind at home as well.

Leaving something here that we do best of all - hospitality and gastronomy. It was really a challenge to combine an area that usually symbolizes the hustle and bustle with a calm and unspoiled place like the Bohemian Forest.


In harmony with nature

Our goal is to show you the natural beauty of the Bohemian Forest and to provide you with maximum comfort in terms of accommodation, gastronomy and other services. During the reconstruction of the original premises, we made sure that the entire concept was in harmony with this location.

Are you ready to visit us?

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