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Univerzitní 1209/65,
301 00 Plzeň

IČO: 06871151
DIC: CZ699005527
Bon Appetit and cheers
Restaurant and bar right in the Bohemian Forest


Restaurant Hvozd

Enjoy the specialties of Czech and foreign cuisine mainly from local ingredients according to the seasonal á la carte menu inside the design-furnished restaurant or while sitting outside with the OFYR grill and open-air bar with a view of the park. In the restaurant, we also serve delicious sweet and savory buffet breakfasts.


Menu á la carte


foreign specialties,

Wild meat from our own Srdíčko range (sika deer, fallow deer, mouflon)

Czech fish from our own Železný rybník

Fruit drinks from Kolowrat orchards

Beef Ekofarma Uher/BLOND BREEDING Žebráky

Goat's milk products from Údolíčko Farm

Honey from the Bohemian Forest

Kotelna Bar

Bar with a purposeful design can be found on the premises of the former boiler room. We will be happy to make you your favorite drink or make your time here more pleasant with a hookah. You can choose from a wide range of wines and other exclusive alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks. We also tap Plzeňský prazdroj, Proud and even our own special.


Wide variety of wines and mixed drinks, hookah


Finger food and snacks

Bar Kotelna
Products from the Bohemian Forest

Products from the Bohemian Forest We live in harmony not only with the surrounding nature but also with likeminded people. That is why you will be able to find and purchase products from local vendors, farmers, flower growers or beekeepers. Choose some forest honey from bees from the Bohemian Forest, game from the wild, preserves, lemonades and other local products.


Seasonal produce

Produkty Českého lesa
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