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Personalities of the Czech Forest

Over the centuries, the area of the Bohemian Forest and its immediate surroundings has been replaced by a number of noble families. In our selection, we list only those that have left the biggest mark in the area of the Czech Forest.

The Berchem-Haimhausen family

Originally, the Berchem-Haimhausen were a middle-class family from Cologne, than later inherited the Chodová Planá estate and owned it until the end of World War II.

Karel Josef Heidler from Heilbronn

He was a descendant of a middle-class family, a doctor specializing in the field of spas, he worked in Mariánské Lázně. Among his notable patients was Johann Wolfgang Goethe.

The Metternich family

In 1623, another well-known Metternich family became the owners of the West Bohemian estate of Kynžvart. Count and Prince František Jiří Metternich is known above all – diplomat, politician and privy councilor.

The family of Coudenhove

The Coudenhove family, whose younger Czech branch, František Karel Coudenhove, bought a farm and castle in Poběžovice in 1864.

The Kolowrat family

The Přimda estate is connected to the Kolowrat family, who at one time held the highest state offices, including the Imperial Council. They were holders of important state awards. Adjacent to Diana Castle is an extensive English park and nature reserve.

The Windisch-Graetz family

Prince Alfred expanded his family fortune with the abbey of Kladruby near Stříbro, acquired at auction in 1825, but his main seat was the castle in Tachov.

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