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Bike trips

A network of nearly 2,000 km of bike paths runs across the Upper Falkland Forest. Diverse, high-quality and well- marked cycle paths offer a pleasant experience for sportsmen and people enjoying themselves. Fans of mountain bikes will surely find their way, for whom 15 different routes in three levels of difficulty are recommended between Čerchov and Hohenbogen.

Pan-European cycle route Prague - Paris

Visitors to the Bohemian Forest will surely find the part of this cycle route that connects Pilsen and Železná interesting. You can ride either the entire route of 97 km or choose only a part of it. For a pleasant trip, we recommend the part connecting Železná with Bělá nad Radbuznou, which is attractive with its length of 18 km.

The Great Bell

A ten-kilometer trip from Železná to Velký Zvon will introduce cyclists to the Železná huť or the defunct village of Pleš with an inn and cemetery, where you will find the floor plan of the church of St. John the Baptist. When climbing Velký Zvon, you will climb to a height of 862 m above sea level. We also recommend this trail as a hiking trip.


This route, which is described by experts as the best cycle path, was created from a former railway and is called the Bockl-Radweg. You can start directly from the Eslarn/Iron border crossing and ride 52 kilometres deep into the German hinterland to the town of Neustadt near Weiden.

The fact that it is a former railway line brings major advantages for cyclists. Trains filled with timber could not handle any significant gradients, so the maximum gradient of the line is only three percent. The surface of the cycle path is half paved gravel and half high-quality smooth asphalt suitable for in- line skating. Most of the route runs off busy roads, which will certainly be welcomed not only by families with children.

The cycle path starts at the former railway station in Eslarn, where part of a steam locomotive is on display. The route will take you through the beautiful wooded landscape, introducing you to the local ponds and the breathtaking views of the Upper Palatinate Forest. If you don't want to enjoy only the natural beauty, you can explore the towns and villages through which the trail passes. The synagogue in the town of Floss, Friedrichsburg Castle or the Baroque pilgrimage church on Rosenquarz Rock are just some of the places worth exploring in detail. The natural swimming pools in Weidhaus and Pleystein are the icing on the cake that will make your trip more enjoyable. At the end of your journey, in Neustadt, you can use a bus adapted for transporting bicycles to return to Eslarn, or you can continue along the Pan-European Cycle Route to Paris.

Bavarian-Czech Friendship Trail

With a total length of 90 km, the Bavarian-Czech Friendship Trail connects Nabburg in the Upper Palatinate Forest with Horšovský Týn. Between Wölsendorf and Schönsee, a roughly 45 km cycle path follows the former railway route, cyclists can enjoy beautiful and unspoilt river valleys, and in many places there are remnants of the once vibrant art of glassmaking and blacksmithing. A gradual climb over the border in Schwarzach brings you to the Czech Republic, which also offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. At the final destination, Horšovský Týn, cyclists are then rewarded with a visit to the historic square with the Church of St. Peter and Paul, the State Castle and Chateau with its castle restaurant or the Královská rokle nature trail.

The Iron Curtain Trail

This cycling route, measuring a total of 10,400 km and connecting the Barents and Black Sea, means the connection of European history, natural beauty and cultural heritage. In the Czech Republic, you are offered 800 km of this route. And since the route also passes through the village of Železná, you have the option of choosing any length of it.

Havran lookout tower

Skilled cyclists will also like to go to Havran hill, the highest point in the Tachovsko region. There are several possible routes but try the one that leads from Stará Knížecí Huť. You can also go to the Havran lookout on foot.

Oberpfälzer Radl-Welt

This new cycle route takes you on a 500 km tour through the most beautiful places of the Upper Palatinate Forest. You can look forward to breathtaking views, hidden corners in the depths of the forest and secluded spots by the water, as well as a network of services tailored to the needs of cyclists. But the main route isn't the only option; you can also choose one of six separate 'experience worlds' to explore. For example, the 143- kilometre-long circuit called Experience World - Pleasure and Culture will introduce you to the cultural riches of the Upper Palatinate from the start in Weiden. Whether it's the sights, which are undoubtedly the Old Town Hall in Weiden, the weekly and farmers' markets there or the Burgtreswitz Castle in Moosbach, or the regional cuisine, which you can discover in the inns and rustic taverns of Zoigel, you'll discover the region's distinctive cultural wealth everywhere. Another World of Experience that is certainly worth exploring is the tour called Volcanoes and Earth History. The 112 km long tour starts in Neuhaus near Windischeschenbach and introduces you to the dormant volcanoes beneath the Upper Palatinate Forest. Visit the Vulkanerlebnis Parkstein and explore the interior of the volcano in the rock caves and get basic information about the formation of volcanoes in the region. Another interesting experience will undoubtedly be a visit to the GEO Centre, which focuses on the Earth as a central theme. Here, near the town of Windischeschenbach, there is a 9101 metre deep borehole, which is the deepest borehole in the world in hard crystalline rock. Are you interested in the thematic tours offered by the Upper Palatinate? Explore the other ones that showcase local attractions and beauty.

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