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Hikes and on foot trails

Discover the local breathtaking landscape - forests, rivers, rocks. The local routes follow centuries-old pilgrimage and trade routes and will introduce you and your children to the local nature and culture. Thematic trails will take you into the world of glassmaking, culinary arts, culture and geology.

Trail Hánova

A path along the southeastern slope of Čerchov, which will take you through the Čerchovské Hvozda National Park. You can choose between different starting points (for example, Capartice or Česká Kubice) and choose the length of the walk according to your time and fitness level.

St. Jacob's Way

The so-called Iron Route of St. Jacob's Way passes through the municipality of Železná, which along its entire length in the territory of the Czech Republic will reveal 7 churches dedicated to St. James the Greater. The railway route from its beginning in Prague measures 257 km, but you can choose any part of it as your destination. How about walking the 20.7 km long route from Hostouň to Železná?


The highest peak of the Bohemian Forest at an altitude of 1041 m offers enthusiastic tourists a 19 m high stone tower, the so-called Kurzova lookout tower, which replaced the original wooden lookout tower. In good weather, its balcony offers a beautiful view of the Bohemian Forest, Šumava or even the peaks of the Alps. You can walk to the top of Čerchov via the Pecách route from Pec pod Čerchovem. The less than 5 km long route offers a walk through beautiful forests and a final, more challenging climb.


The covered lookout tower in the Upper Palatine Forest is located on the Ebene hill at an altitude of 894 m above sea level. It was built in 1983 near the border and allowed those who could not go to their native Bohemia through the Iron Curtain to at least get a glimpse from above.

Goldsteig Golden Trail

This well-known hiking trail with a total length of 660 km leads from Marktredwitz through the Upper Palatinate Forest to Passau and is sure to entice many an active recreation enthusiast to enjoy a pleasant hiking trip. It passes through five nature parks, the Bavarian Forest National Park and the Sumava National Park. Just choose the part you want to walk and you can start exploring the beauty of the unspoilt nature that surrounds the route.

Glassmaking educational trail in the vicinity of Lesná

The circular route offers wanderings through unspoilt nature on a route approximately 6 km long. The previously inaccessible area of the border zone will lead you to the Knížecí Huť, Huťský stream, the remains of Arnošt's polisher and introduce you to the ancient life of glass masters. Along the way, you can also notice forest bats' huts.

The Great Bell

From Železná, you go through Železná Huť towards the defunct village of Pleš. At the beginning of the 20th century, this largest defunct village in Domažlicko was still inhabited by 700 inhabitants, who, however, were displaced after the war. Today, it is only remembered by the former game house, which was turned into an inn in the 1990s, and also by the cemetery, where you can find the floor plan of the church of St. John the Baptist. The dominant feature of the Velký Zvon hill with a height of 862 m above sea level, on which Pleš stood, is a military tower, which is, however, not accessible to the public.

Havran lookout tower

The lookout tower with the Iron Curtain Museum, which was rebuilt in 2013 from a former military post, stands at the highest point of the Přímdský forest at an altitude of 894 m. The lookout tower is not accessible by car, but it is an ideal destination for hikers and able-bodied cyclists who can reach it along marked circuits of various lengths.


At the top of the Stückstein mountain at 809 m above sea level, the Stückberg lookout tower offers views of the Upper Palatinate and Bavarian Forest, the Fichtelgebirge and the border with the Czech Republic. The lookout tower is the work of the UpSper Palatinate Forestry Association and rises to a height of 32 metres.

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